Sorin Manolache

Sorin Manolache

How to create miracles in our lives? What can we do to attract special events?

Surely, you've thought about someone and that person has called or written to you right at that moment. It is common to call these kinds of events pure coincidence. 

Carl Gustav Jung was listening to a client talk about a golden beetle that had appeared in his dream, and just at that moment a golden beetle flew in through the window.  

It is understandable that this event aroused Jung's curiosity, as he was the first psychoanalyst to study the phenomenon more closely and later called it synchronicity. Synchronicity refers to two or more events that are unrelated to each other on a physical level, but are closely linked, sometimes quite ghostly, on a metaphysical level. In short, it is about improbabilities full of meaning and significance.  

Another word with the same meaning is serendipity (DICTIONARY: The phenomenon of perceiving certain aspects of scientific discoveries by chance), a term coined by author Horace Walpole in The Three Princes of Serendip, a story in which the heroes accidentally discover truths they are not looking for.

The concept of serendipity is an important one for many reasons. Serendipity is, first, a bridge between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, or in other words between rational, reasonable thinking and creative intuition and insight. The aim is to eliminate the limiting 'either-or' choices between the logical and the affective, creating from the two a whole.

Every one of us has experienced serendipity at least once..

A tangible and very common example is when we fall in love. Whether we are engaged in professional activities or we are on holiday, it can happen that there, at some point, without expecting it or looking for it, we meet the love of our life. Then, looking back, we also amuse ourselves by thinking that if we had postponed our departure even by a few minutes or hours, we would never have met our soul mate. 

The tragic event at the World Trade Center sparked statements partly of remorse and partly of gratitude from those who had been fired just days before the bombing or who were late for work that day because their alarm hadn't gone off or they were caught in the New York traffic.  

Serendipity or synchronicity goes beyond coincidence; this phenomenon has a much deeper meaning and significance.That is why we can honestly say that more often than not, these synchronicities change our lives. 

"People never learn from what they are told, they have to convince themselves."” Paulho Coelho 

"If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."” Nikola Tesla 

How can we know if the Universe is guiding us and if we are on the right path?

Every event we go through is a beautiful lesson designed to help us live a richer, more fulfilling and certainly wiser life in the future. 

Of course, synchronicities can also involve loss or suffering. But through acceptance, we will then be led to the miracle for which we are destined. 

So, synchronicity is a way in which the Universe guides us along a particular path, one we would not normally choose. 

Here are the signs that indicate we are on the right path:

  1. Life becomes fluid and all things align naturally You feel inspired and connected to your life, which now seems to flow smoothly. 
  2. You begin to discover unique or repeating numbers - here is another way that shows you that the Universe is guiding you to your destination. Your lucky number, date of birth, or a number with special meaning shows up more often. 
  3. You accidentally discover images, articles, or quotes on the internet, on the street or anywhere else around you. These are just direct messages from the universe to us. They are meant to show us that the difficulties we go through are just part of the personal journey. 

There are many ways in which the Universe sends us messages, but what we need to do when we are aware that something important is being communicated to us, is to trust and act according to our instincts, rather than the rational, which will tend to overlook these synchronicities.   

  1. Dreams- Have you ever dreamt, sometimes repeatedly, about certain periods in your life or certain people from the past? If so, you have probably wondered why... Because these events or people are unfinished chapters that need to be resolved. The answer to most of the questions we ask the Universe, is given to us through dreams. You may have had some dreams so intense that you woke up with a strong sense that they were real. Well, such a dream hides many important messages for you. It may help write down details of significant dreams as soon as you wake up, because the Universe has tried to communicate a lot to you, but it may take a while to access all the symbols shown in the dream. 

But you may be wondering what the lack of synchronicities means lately?

Well, when these moments of serendipity become rare, it means that your life continues at a steady, predictable pace and through nothing remarkable. On the other hand, it is just as likely that being on the same wavelength as your higher self means that there's no need for the Universe to send you a message, since you've already established your own direct connection with it. 

What can we do to increase the number of synchronicities in our lives? 

What can we do to increase the number of synchronicities in our lives? 

  1. Think about happy coincidences more often and integrate them into your perspective on life as natural and expected, adopting that childlike attitude to magic and miracle. This response neutralizes the skepticism and worldliness that might keep them at bay. Also, use the principle of manifestation to draw in whatever you resonate with and focus on. Once you start doing this, you can let go of control, letting reality surprise you. 
  2. Grow and transform through the power of intuition, revelation, and self-discovery. To do this, you need to spend more time being curious, contemplative, introspective, fascinated, open-minded and eager to learn new things. That means reading, watching, observing, writing, meditating deeply on yourself and the world. Exactly the opposite of the lifestyle that society encourages. It may seem difficult for some people, but it will be worth it, and not just for the simple reason of coincidence. Changes on the inside always produce changes on the outside. 
  3. Identify your impulses, feelings and thoughts derived from social and biological programming, but also those that come from your spiritual self and intelligence. The spiritual self, the place of sensitivity and will, is the only part of you that is not a product of matter, energy, space, or time. The more you act out of spiritual intelligence and in response to true intuition, the more improbable the path you will walk next and the more improbable events you will encounter along the way. 

The most important and simple point I want you to remember is that THE HIGH FREQUENCY IN WHICH YOU WILL LIVE YOUR LIFE FAVORS SYNCHRONICITY. 

I propose 12 activities designed to increase frequency and help you experience more synchronicities:

  1. What inspires you will raise your vibration; 
  2. Keep a journal in which you record the positive aspects of life and gratitude;  
  3. Spend time in the water;  
  4. Practice random acts of kindness; 
  5. Laugh and smile; 
  6. Make positive conscious changes in lifestyle, beliefs, fears and personal judgments; 
  7. Spend time with people or in high frequency places; 
  8. Read a high vibration book;  
  9. Visualize and meditate; 
  10. Set a positive intention before going to sleep; 
  11. Set a positive intention before going to sleep;  
  12. Take a walk into nature.


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