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Sorin Manolache

Since I was 16 years old, I had a dream that today has become reality: to become a real man, able to help other people in their journey through life. I have always felt that everyone can heal their wounds and reaching their full potential much faster than they could imagine, because deep changes can happen at the subconscious level, very efficiently and relatively quickly.

The need for transformation came when I realized that I could not help anyone beyond the level I had reached. In other words, that I will not be able to do anyone any good if I am not doing good. After numerous breakups, sadness due to loneliness and disappointments, after a frantic and exhausting chase after happiness, I realized I had to stop. I no longer wanted to run away from the frustrating reality I was living in. I felt like I was on a carousel, where every 5-6 months I was going through the exact same negative emotions, regardless of the events in my life.

“I meet more and more people who are sacrificing years of their lives reading hundreds of books, going to all available courses, wasting precious years of their lives on the journey to healing and transformation, but often they stay at almost the same level because the change is only superficial.”

— Sorin Manolache

Life is one's responsibility

I became aware that I was not happy and that patterns were obsessively repeating on 2 levels: relationships and money. I was then faced with a choice - I had to decide whether I would accept that this was the way life I was meant to live or whether I would take my own destiny into my own hands and seek the fulfillment I so desperately needed. I could no longer be a scapegoat, responsible for the way I felt, my life was only MINE. Initially I started to heal my wounds on relationships and blocks on money, and then continued over time with my relationship with parents, childhood wounds, blocks, happiness, sabotage patterns etc. 

That was 3 years ago when, taking responsibility for who I am, I began healing and transformation, one at a time, through NLP, Wingwave Coaching, Access Consciousness, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Regression. Each of these techniques has been part of the foundation of the person I am today, helping to develop skills that have subsequently allowed me to help others. 

Ever since I stepped onto this path, I felt I was right where I needed to be. From one session to the next I was gaining more clarity. Toxic people were beginning to leave my life, only for others more beneficial to me to replace them. On the other hand, by releasing emotional and spiritual blocks, it became natural to achieve my dreams and goals, so that in parallel, I could exponentially provide value to clients.  Once I saw what it was like to live without limitations, I wanted to help others.

In the present moment

Today, I feel that everything I want comes easily to me and that any challenge that comes into my life is just the beginning of a new evolutionary leap. 

I have been an Officer in the Ministry of Justice for 9 years and I work in the sector of social reintegration of prisoners in prison. Throughout my career both here and outside, in working with clients, I have worked with hundreds of people (individually and in groups), with different personalities, of varying ages and intellectual levels, each of whom had emotional blockages that often could not be resolved even in group sessions, but only in individual therapy. In individual sessions, using the help of Wingwave Coaching, Access Consciousness, Eriksonian Hypnosis, Regression and NLP I helped people to regain their inner balance by releasing past experiences that were holding them back and accessing a new level of consciousness.

It does not take years of therapy, hundreds of books, or dozens of sessions to achieve your dreams. Better yet, invest all your free time in your passions, career or activities that provide energy and happiness and allow just a few hours a month to radically change your life.

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